Professional Daten Management in FINEST Cut

Fail-safe management, simple access, universal use

FINEST CUT contains convenient libraries for secure organisation and management of all important data. Depending on the expansion stage of your system, the following are available to you:
  • Pieces library for the management of single pieces
  • Order library for the management of cutting orders with quantity control and automatic booking-off
  • Metal sheet library for the management of raw material sheets and remnants
  • Plan and NC library for the management of cutting plans and NC codes
  • Plan traceability library with information on tracking, i.e. which part was placed on which plan.

The relevant machine parameters and the desired cutting process are stored in the machine file and in the technology library.

The technical cutting information is saved on every available cutting machine and for every type of material and thickness. The linking of the technology between pieces, plates and the cutting plans ensures from the start that with FINEST there is quick and efficient working.